Spring 2010 Issue #71

April 26, 2010

The 2010 issue is here!  To order your copy, contact us at poetryreview@hiram.edu.  The subscription price is $9.00 per year, or $23.00 for three years.  

Editor:  Willard Greenwood

Associate Editor:  Mary Quade

Editorial Assistants:  Elisa Butler, Collin Dunbar, Francesca Luppino, Jake Maynard, Aurelia Nugroho, Diana Salman

Cover Photo:  Hiram College Archives 

2010 marked the 44th year of continuous publication for the Hiram Poetry Review. I am just beginning to understand the significance of contributing to the legacy of one of the oldest American literary journals that is solely devoted to publishing original poetry and reviews of contemporary poets. The HPR owes its success to many individuals and institutions. We hope to further that success with issue #71.

Since I have joined the HPR, we have made the transition from a bi-annual to an annual publication. Therefore, each issue is literally a year in the making. We read submissions year round and are always on the lookout for odd works of genius. To paraphrase Longinus, we prefer poems that exhibit excellence with flaws rather than general competence. That said, I think you will find few flaws, if any, in the poems in this issue.  As you can see from our contributor’s list, we publish obscure and well-established poets.

Issue #71 includes submissions by: Ellen Seusy, James Ryan, Rawdon Tomlinson, Jeffrey Berg, Doug Ramspeck, Mark Wagenaar, Wendy Thornton, Paul McGlynn, Pamela Rasso, Micheal Jaynes, Jeff Lacey, Joseph Voth, Vanessa Blakeslee, Darlene Pagán, Jacob M. Appel, Naton Leslie, Terry Persun, Mark James Andrews, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Gay Baines, Heidi Hermanson, Brian Hendrickson, Roger Camp, David Wagoner, Tara Skurtu, Kristina Marie Darling, Jack Gilbert, Donald Platt, Jake Maynard, and Jason Tandon.

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