Issue #73 – Spring 2012

April 10, 2012

Hiram Poetry Review released Issue #73 in April.

Featured on the cover is Professor Emeritus, Dave Fratus, former editor of the Hiram Poetry Review. Dave’s contributions to the HPR over the past decades helped lay a solid foundation for the review at the college.

His efforts made a small review that was not small in reputation. I am indebted to Dave for contributing to this issue. I am also grateful to my astute readers who found many poems that have made this issue as good as any I have been associated with. This issue highlights our eclectic taste and overall mission—to publish the best poems that we can find regardless of style. 

Willard Greenwood

Editor, HPR

To see a selection of what’s inside Issue #73, click below.

1. “Winter Mornings, Early” – A poem by David Fratus

2. “Beginning of a Lecture on Psycho” – A poem by Amy Eisner

3.  Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems – A review by William Johnson

Please contact Willard Greenwood to request a copy.

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