HPR Spring 2013 Issue #74

April 14, 2014

Through a collective effort, Willard Greenwood and his editorial student-assistants thoroughly judged and selected the poems of what is now issue seventy-four of the Hiram Poetry Review. 2013 marks the forty-seventh year of continuous publication and as always, it presents distinctive, witty, and heroic contemporary poetry (and one review) in forty-six pages.

Greenwood states that the mission of HPR is to “find the odd work of erratic genius; to discover the undiscovered; to advance the careers of the accomplished poet” and it is clear that issue seventy-four has successfully accomplished that mission.

Please see John Edward Keough’s, “So Rude That The Flowers Grow And Do Not Grow Beautiful.” This is Keough’s debut publication and just one poem that demonstrate HPR’s ability to find poetry that is erratically genius and undiscovered.

Please read the issue here: HPR2013 (1)

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