Hiram Poetry Review Spring 2008 – Issue #69

_hpr_08_cover12In addition to poetry and reviews, this issue of the HPR contains the proceedings from a symposium held at Hiram College. The symposium, which was coordinated by classics professor and Bissell Chair in Liberal Studies Robert Sawyer, explored the life and work of poet Hart Crane. Crane grew up in a town just three miles away from the offices of the HPR and spent may formative years in the Cleveland and Akron area. As a nod to our shared regional heritage, this special edition of the HPR includes several transcripts of presentations by the renowned Crane scholars who participated in the symposium. These essays speak strongly to the spirit of innovation, iconoclasm, and tradition in Crane’s work, a spirit which is shared by this journal.

Hiram Poetry Review Spring 2007 – Issue #68

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