Issue 81

May 29, 2020

Issue #81 finds us saying goodbye to two editorial aces, Alexia Kemerling
and Matt Mitchell, who now join a distinguished list of HPR alums. Alexia
ruled the slush box with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Matt showed me how
to do a reverse tomahawk jam on Submittable. They will be missed. I will
take this moment to remind our readers that we do not charge for Submittable, but we ask that you limit your submissions on that platform to one per
year. However, you can submit hard copies to us year round. The HPR is also
fortunate to have the varied skills and aesthetic sensibilities of Quinn, Lauren
and Kerry on tap for issue #82.
As for guidelines for issue 82—here are some things that come to mind
regarding art and poetry—we don’t know what Bill Murray whispers to
Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation. Philip Sidney believed
that the purpose of poetry was to delight and instruct. Aristotle says that all
people enjoy representation. Kendrick Lamar raps that he is blacker than the
heart of an Aryan. Wallace Stevens suggests that the “great poem of the earth
has yet to be written.”
Willard Greenwood
Editor, HPR


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